As we come to the end of Vintage 2019 harvest we sat down with Mount Langi Ghiran Viticulturist, Damien Sheehan who has been a part of the team since 1996.

Vintage is an exciting time at the winery, we have a large vintage team from around the world and you can feel the excitement when picking begins. The team make time for us to give us an update on Vintage 2019 which is moving fast.

How is this vintage progressing? Is harvesting nearly over?

Harvest will finish today!



Damien explains that this season has been a very dry one with the total rainfall for the period among the driest on record, however, he is positive.

Fortunately, there was some rain and for grape growing, it arrived at just the right times (just before flowering and again just before veraison).

After a Summer that never really got going vintage eventually cranked up in late February and then really took off in March with a burst of warm weather.

It was all hands on deck as we worked around the clock to bring fruit in at optimum ripeness, and then just as suddenly the weather turned cool again and the ripening slowed down to a more leisurely pace, so much so that here we still are harvesting fruit all the way through to Easter!”

As harvest is coming to an end what does this mean for the winery?

“The team have been working hard throughout harvest, there are a couple of busy weeks in the winery before things will begin to slow down.”

How has this impacted the quality of our grapes and the future quality of vintage 2019 wines?

“As a result of the dry conditions and some cold weather at flowering, the yields have been below average with light bunches and small berries.”

Despite this, we have something special to look forward to as Damien explains what this means for wine quality. 

“The resulting quality has been outstanding across all varieties, the fruit characters are intense and concentrated and because of the stop-go weather this season, the acidity is naturally high producing perfectly balanced wines.”



We wouldn’t have been able to conquer Vintage 2019  without our wonderful vintage crew, some of which have come all the way from South Africa, France, Germany, England and New Zealand along with our team of local harvesters.

Thank you to our Vintage crew for taking great care of our grapes as they now ascend into the winery!