After a recent tasting, Mount Langi Ghiran winemaking team have decided to release the 2014 Mast Shiraz in January 2017.

With only 177 dozen produced for the 2014 vintage and aware of the high demand for the Mast Shiraz, Mount Langi Ghiran has chosen to allocate this wine with priority to its wine club members and consumers. To guarantee members and consumers priority access, the team will run en primeur sale at cellar door (visit or phone).

Also known as Wine Futures, en primeur is a method to purchase wines before they are released onto the market. En primeur can also be the only way to secure wines that are available in very limited quanti-ties. Although not exactly run like the Bordeaux En Primeur, this one will give supporters of Mount Langi Ghiran the opportunity to secure 6 bottle packs* of the 2014 Mast Shiraz, six months before its release. Only 50% deposit of the order will be asked for the en primeur. The other 50% remaining of the order is paid prior to receiving the wine at the time of its official release in January 2017*. The 2014 Mast en primeur price will be $58.50 per bottle instead of $65 rrp when it will be released.

On Saturday 9 July
, the en primeur will be open to the public (non-wine club members). For this occasion, Mount Langi Ghiran chief winemaker Ben Haines and viticulturist Damien Sheehan, will be hosting ‘En Primeur Day’ at the property. Walking guests through the vineyard up to the House block 4, Damien will tell the history of the block source of the Mast Shiraz and why it is so unique. While in the winery Ben will share the exceptional flavours of the 2015 Mast shiraz during a barrel tasting. The day will include lunch in the bar-rel hall with two glasses of wine for $90 per person and of course will offer participants the facility to buy en primeur the 2014. To guarantee stock availability, a minimum stock is allocated for the event participants.

The en primeur sale will run from Monday 4 July to Sunday 10 July for Mount Langi Ghiran Wine club mem-bers at members’ price.

*En primeur sales terms:
1. Most of the 2014 production has been allocated to the en primeur. Wine club members have been given priority access to the en primeurs stock. However, Mount Langi Ghiran cannot guarantee en primeur stock is sufficient to satisfy demand of all members and non-members.
2. 50% payment of the total order at the en primeur, remaining 50% in January 2017 before receiving the full order.
3. Limits apply: minimum sale volume is 6 bottles, there is a maximum of 4 dozen for wine club members and non-wine club members have a maximum limit of 6 bottles.
4. Dispatching of en primeur orders begins 12/01/2017