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There is an intrinsic element that a lot of people miss about terroir, even the French, although the French came up with the word! Terroir, it isn’t just the soil and the climate and the vines that grow there. Terroir is also about the people, the custodians of the land. More precisely, it is their understanding and knowledge. Without this, you cannot realise the full potential of what Mother Nature has given you.

Crafted to showcase the best of our estate, Talus Shiraz represents our deeply intimate and forever evolving knowledge of our environment. Explored by our dedicated viticulture and winemaking team over years, the harmony between vine and mountain is principal to the distinctive characteristics of our wines, and particularly of our Shiraz. This connection is celebrated in Talus.

“Talus shiraz is a testament to, not only our site but our whole team. With Langi and Mast shirazes being single block wines, Talus shiraz is a wine that showcases the best of what the property has to offer. We’re blessed with a great variation of aspects within the Langi property, this adds to helping construct the layers that build iconic age-worthy wines.”
says our winemaker Adam Louder.

The name Talus refers to the mass of loose rock fragments found at the base of Mount Langi Ghiran, the ancient granite massif that embraces our vineyards and bestows a sense of gentle forbearance over the land. Over millions of years, the forces of erosion have formed this talus and shaped the unique intermixing of this decomposed granite with the red clay loams of our vineyards.

For Damien Sheehan, Viticulturist “It’s the profound influence of the mountain over the site combined with a Shiraz clone of rare provenance.” that makes the source of our Shiraz so special.
In this Shiraz we highlight this influence, giving full expression to the magnificent estate parcels we’ve unearthed. This wine brims with distinctive minerality, unbridled fine tannins and pure fruit that all combine to create a divine balance of power and elegance.

Each generation of winemakers to arrive at Mount Langi Ghiran has built on foundations laid down by earlier hands. Each of them brings innovation, fresh ideas and a more contemporary approach to winemaking. Talus might be a new wine but it has only been made possible through progress, it is a result of our ongoing endeavours to better understand our vines and our site.

We look forward to continuing to explore our terroir and realising the incredible potential of the Mount Langi Ghiran estate for you.

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Elegance and fragrance are the hallmarks of this new wine from the Langi vineyard.”
95 Points, Huon Hooke, The Real Review, August 2018

“It feels like a wine for now and for the future. Beautiful flavours and aromas of dark berries, fennel, pepper, faint eucalyptus. So succulent, and generally with a sense of deliciousness on hand. Off the mark quickly; so definitively ‘Langi’.”
Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 8 August 2018