New cuttings at Langi

About a year ago our viticulturist Damien Sheehan and our vineyard team decided to create a nursery at Mount Langi Ghiran. Thus nursery is an endeavour to conserve our precious stocks of old vines, their pedigree traces back over 150years to the swiss settlers that pioneered viticuture in the Grampians.

In October, while the first scions from the Old Block Shiraz and Old Block Cabernet Sauvignon planted last year were commencing their second season, new cuttings were added in the nursery.

When cuttings have developed enough, they will be removed from the nursery and planted in their new home. If the vines grow well from that point, we can then expect to produce wine from their grapes in 3 years!

While caring for the nursery is time consuming an hard work, it is important that we protect our most important resource, our vines. It’s a long process from collecting the cuttings until finally harvesting the fruit of the vine but we are planting for the future. Wine is patience and long terme vision.

New cuttings at Langi

New shiraz vine int he Langi nursery