Mount Langi Ghiran Old Block Shiraz vintage 2017

So far the 2017 Vintage is an absolute gem for the team at Langi. Ideal conditions for a slow ripening, which is key for Mount Langi Ghiran wine to develop complex flavours.

Earlier this vintage, Melbournians suffered from a cold and wet Spring, but for Langi it has been really exciting. After all we are a cool climate wine producer.

In December, the dams were full, last time it happened was in 2010 and this was only the 3rd time ever. The vineyards were luscious. Flowering hadn’t started, at all, and it was not even close to for Shiraz. Like it used to back in the 90’s. The change of colour in the berry and sugar accumulation started mid February this year. These last couple of years it happened in January.

This means a later harvest for the 2017 vintage, and longer and slower ripening that contributes to the development of a stunning range of fruit flavours, perfumes, peppers and spices. Chardonnay for our sparkling base is always the first to be picked and this year it was almost a month later than 2016 ! Today the last of our whites have been processed at the winery. Riesling looks stunning. More skin contact is being explored and Pinot Gris might have a Spinoff wine this vintage.

We started picking the first parcel of the Old Block Friday 31st March. It could be another 3 weeks or more before we finish hand picking all the the different parcels our winemakers have identified. Although the Old Block Shiraz is one of the latest Shiraz block to be picked in Australia it is not the last block at Langi. There is still Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Barbera to look forward to.