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2018 Spinoff Gris de Gris


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The colour is eye-catching. The bouquet is unforgivingly aromatic and open. The 2018 Spinoff Gris de Gris is a beautiful example of how a traditional variety can be showcased in a new and exciting light. Raspberries, fairy floss, orange peel, cardamom and Campari gambol from the glass, continually opening to reveal a new layer. The palate is textural, savoury and carried by a salivating refreshing acidity.

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Pinot Gris (100%)
Grampians, Victoria
Pinot Gris was first planted at Langi in the early 1990’s on the steep, east-facing slope we refer to as House Block 4. Grapes retain particularly high levels of natural acids at this location, largely due to the aspect, but also as a result of the elevation, topography and soil characteristics of the site. This stony acidity provides a framework from which great texture and character can be built. This was the premise and the inspiration behind the 2017 Spinoff Gris de Gris, a different take on the variety utilising whole bunches, natural fermentation and skin contact. This wine was such a success that we did it all over again in 2018.

Tasting Notes

Orange blush.
Orange blossom, raspberries, fairy floss and cardamom.
Textural, savoury and carried by a salivating refreshing acidity.


Whole bunches of Pinot Gris were hand harvested from defined rows of our House Block 4 Pinot Gris block, placed directly in to a small fermenter, and sealed with a lid. No reflection of our level of care and attention to detail, the winemakers put the tank in a cool corner of the cellar and walked away for 10 days. Upon opening the lid, the flood of aromas filled the senses. Candied red berries, orange blossom and spice, confirming that an appropriate level of carbonic maceration had occurred. The bunches were then de-stemmed, and fermentation continued in an open fermenter on skins. Under our watchful eye we let it ferment for five days, just enough to build texture and the beautiful blush pink/orange colour that presents the variety in its full glory.