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The 2023 Halliday Wine Companion Results are in!

We are thrilled to share our 2023 Halliday Wine Companion results with you. We were again awarded a 5 Red Star winery rating along with incredible scores by Jeni Port. Congratulations to our dedicated winemaking and viticulture team Adam Louder, Liz Ladhams, Damien Sheehan and Darren Rathbone.

The Talus range celebrates the natural abundance of Mount Langi Ghiran itself by capturing the power and purity of the cool climate Grampians vineyard. Over time, forces of nature have freed granitic rock fragments from the cliff face to collect at her mountain base, creating a formation known as a talus slope. Farming and producing on the talus slope under its watchful gaze, these wines are an ode to the majesty of Mount Langi Ghiran and an intimate knowledge of the mountain, vine, and soil. Showcasing the strength of the mountain through precise cool climate wines, Talus is quintessential Mount Langi Ghiran.
Sourced from a selection of blocks across our historic vineyard where the combination of our cool climate, old vines and granite sands produce Shiraz with great intensity, purity and finesse. Expect black berry, black cherry and hints of raspberry with lingering mixed spice.

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