2023 Vintage Wrap

Published on: 12th May 2023

Cliff Edge Pinot Gris

The Pick of the Season

Victoria, like much of south-eastern Australia, recently experienced one of its wettest springs on record. Some areas in the state recorded over 1000mm of rainfall in 2022. Luckily, Mount Langi Ghiran was spared from such extreme weather conditions given its position in the west of Victoria sitting on the Great Divide. “Access to wet vineyards was limited and disease pressure was very high. Our position in the west of Victoria and sitting on the Great Divide kept the temperatures sufficiently cool and allowed free water to drain away such that we emerged into summer with healthy canopies and clean crops. However, early hail events and unstable weather during flowering has reduced our yields, probably a positive outcome for quality as the bunches will be more open.”


Despite the challenging weather conditions, Chief Winemaker Adam Louder advised that the 2023 vintage will be one to remember. When asked about which wines to watch out for, Louder singled out the Cliff Edge Pinot Gris as a standout, with the white wines as a whole being consistently impressive. “Despite the tough conditions, we are confident the red wines will display elegance and spice – representative of the season and our site. The whites in particular are showing great vibrancy and drive. We are especially pleased with the Pinot Gris, and have put together a blend that provides texture, subtle fruit and a crisp finish.”


Overall, despite a wet spring, the Mount Langi Ghiran 2023 vintage will be one to remember, with the Cliff Edge Pinot Gris being the pick of the season.