Celebrating International Women’s Day with Winemaker, Liz Ladhams

Published on: 6th March 2024

Elizabeth Ladhams | Winemaker

This International Women’s Day, we would like to celebrate the contributions of Liz Ladhams, a distinguished member of our winemaking team at Mount Langi Ghiran. Liz’s path is truly inspiring and she continues to make a significant, positive impact on our winemaking endeavours. Her unwavering dedication and mastery in her craft stand as a testament to her remarkable character, showcasing her passion, and genuine authenticity in every pursuit she undertakes.


Following an impressive 20-year career on Wall Street, taking her from London to Hong Kong and everywhere in between, Liz unearthed what she identifies as her real passion – making wine. This discovery drove her decision to return to study, embarking on a Winemaking and Viticulture degree. In pursuit of her passion, Liz joined the Mount Langi Ghiran harvest team in 2019 and soon progressed into a Winemaker role, producing some of Australia’s most celebrated Shiraz.

Regarded as having an excellent eye for detail, Liz embodies the same qualities so integral to that of Mount Langi Ghiran. Focus. Quality. Integrity. Among the responsibilities of a Winemaker, Liz is also responsible for driving Mount Langi Ghiran’s sustainability agenda with great pride. She is also a committee member of the Western Victoria Wine Challenge.


In conversation with Liz

In your opinion, how can the wine industry further promote gender equality and inclusivity?

“What I have learnt is that women will ‘opt out’ voluntarily. This is not something I have grappled with personally, but I have certainly witnessed it amongst other women. It’s too easy for women to lean out of conversations, promotion work or strategy meetings because they think they’re not qualified, or either want to start a family or are primary caregivers. As an employer and manager, it’s important to proactively reach out to female colleagues as they won’t necessarily put themselves forward in the same way a man at the same stage in their career would do.”

International Women’s Day is also about unity. How can women in the wine industry support and uplift each other?

“Encourage authenticity, not just amongst females but with all team members. We’re better if we are our true selves, wherever we work.”

What advice do you have for aspiring women winemakers looking to enter the industry?

“Jump in. Speak up. Just do it. Don’t be intimidated or think it’s about ‘keeping up with the boys’. In fact, I think it’s better not to do things the way the men do them – and problem solve and find solutions your own way. Yes, there is a certain amount of physicality to the job – but it’s not about being the strongest or the tallest. It’s about problem solving – constantly – and working in a way that suits you, not how others do it.”

International Women’s Day is about recognising the progress made and the work still to be done. What changes would you like to see in the wine industry?

“In wine, we obsess about balance – balance in the vines, balance of flavour, balance of drive, acid, etc. Being a woman in wine adds balance to the workplace through diversity and I believe that can only be a good thing. Diverse teams have proven to be high performing teams, so the more we can encourage diversity – in whatever size/shape/colour that happens to be, the better.”

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, have you faced any unique challenges? 

“Since entering the wine industry, I have been very much supported as a woman in my workplace. Any challenges have been more evident amongst our customer base, where people may be surprised to hear that women are also winemakers (and not just front of house or cellar door!). Education continues to be central to moving us forward in this regard, whether that is in direct conversation or more broadly in how we, and other wineries, portray our winemaking and viticultural teams to the public and in social media.”


The women of Mount Langi Ghiran

We appreciate the efforts of all of the women who contribute to the success of Mount Langi Ghiran across all functions and are delighted to recognise all of the work that they have done, as well as the impact they have had on the broader team. We are extremely grateful for all of your invaluable contributions.