Mount Langi Ghiran is delighted to announce the release of its 2015 Cliff Edge wines.

2015 was a very special vintage at Mount Langi Ghiran, predominantly for two main reasons:

Firstly, 2015 provided near perfect conditions for grape growing. After some January rain and unseasonably mild temperatures throughout January and February, the cooler temperatures continued throughout March and April contributing to long, slow and steady ripening. Despite the unusually cool summer, sugar accumulation commenced relatively early and continued steadily until the end of April delivering fruit with wonderful natural acidity, fine and complex structure, stunning aromatic range and effortless balance.

It was also Ben Haines’ first vintage as Chief Winemaker. The ideal season presented Ben and his team with the opportunity to dissect the vineyard in to extreme detail. Different locations across the property ripen at different stages and develop distinct flavours and aromas. With a ripening period of almost three months, Ben took the time to explore the nuances of the vineyard – every day walking through the vineyard, tasting grapes, chewing their skins as they soften and defining the flavour profile row by row. Each section was meticulously harvested individually at its peak expression, all with the aim of capturing individual nuance and character.

This precise and detailed approach calls upon a great deal of historical data, research, knowledge and intuition. It also reflects a new chapter of progression and exploration at Mount Langi Ghiran, led by Ben.