Introducing Mount Langi Ghiran Spinoff – the result of winemaker’s creativity and desire to create different wines that express the full diversity of the Mount Langi Ghiran’s terroir and beyond.

Spin-off: noun /ˈspɪnɒf/
“[…] derived incidentally from the application of existing knowledge […]” – Collins English dictionary

In October 2014, when Ben Haines was appointed chief winemaker of Mount Langi Ghiran, the team knew his obsession for terroir expression would start a new chapter in the Mount Langi Ghiran story.

Late last year, Ben looked at a sparkling Pinot Noir left undisgorged by his predecessor Dan Buckle. He tried the wine and knew what needed to be done with it. “Just put a label on it. The wine is awesome as it is. Undisgorged.” An unexpected wine for Mount Langi Ghiran that sparked new insights for the team. Soon enough a new spin-off project commenced.

Haines is incredibly passionate and dedicated in producing the highest quality wines from remarkable, sacred sites. While the majority of Mount Langi Ghiran production is Shiraz, the estate is home to many more varieties. In homage to these sites in 2015, Haines and his winemaking team separated the varietals and vineyards into small batches. The best fruit was selected to produce an offshoot series of wines, something unique yet still encapsulated the essence of Langi.

This new limited range Spinoff is exactly that, a spin-off expression of Mount Langi Ghiran. A combination of winemaker curiosity and unique sites, which has resulted in an unconventional series of wines for a brand renown for its cool climate Shiraz.

RELEASE : Friday 7th October

The first releases will include:
Mount Langi Ghiran, Spinoff Bradach Pinot Noir 2013 | available online
Mount Langi Ghiran, Spinoff Barbera 2015
Mount Langi Ghiran, Spinoff Chardonnay 2015 | available online
Mount Langi Ghiran, Spinoff Skin contact Riesling 2015
Mount Langi Ghiran, Spinoff Late Harvest Viognier 2016